Monday, 4 March 2013

Cirque De Soleil & China Mieville

What do these two things have in common you my be asking yourself. Freaking weird ideas about bugs is the answer. I went to see the latest Cirque De Soleil show and it was about bugs. The costumes were absolutely amazing and I was delighted in the way they changed the way a persons body looks when they move to create a more insect-like movement. The whole time  I was watching the show I just kept thinking I felt like it was a China Mieville novel come to life. I have read Perdido Street Station and I didn't finish it, I just couldn't get into it. The story line was insane and the characters so hard to relate to, because so few of them were humans. I want to share with you some pictures and phrases taken from the book and maybe you will see the similarities too.

"Saw her throat bob where the pale insectile underbelly segued smoothly into  her human neck" pg 10

"She angled up on one elbow and , as he watched, the dark ruby or her carapace opened slowly while her headlegs splayed. The two halves of her headshell quivered slightly, held as wide as they would go. From beneath their shade she spread her beautiful, useless little beetle wings."pg 14

"Five on each side, holding my wings. Holding my great wings tight as I thrashed and sought to beat them hard and viciously against my captors' skulls." pg 705

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