Sunday, 13 January 2013

I need to be a better fantasy book reader

Why you may ask? Especially those who know me from the forums over at Best Fantasy Books.

1. I skim read EVERYTHING and then I forget it all as soon as I read another book. After a few months I don't even remember what books I've read! I even forget what happens in my favourite books.

2. I treat my books like crap, my friend and I wrote a post about it. Then everyone was mean to me because I am a terrible person for treating my books so awfully. :(

3. I need to read more widely. I not that I am too picky (I swear I'm not!) it's just that I don't make enough time for reading. I also tend to stick to authors I know and love, and with Brandon Sanderson writing so prolifically, it's a little hard to branch out.

So here are my goals!

1. Blog short reviews about the books I read.

2. Download everything I read on my tablet, so there is no need to worry about mistreating books and then don't step on it like I did to my kindle (I know, I am an idiot).

3. Randomly pick one stand alone when I finish ever series from here or read a fantasy anthology to broaden my reading horizons.

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