Sunday, 13 January 2013

This is what happened when I googled 'nerd'


  1. A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious: "one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance".
  2. An intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession.

I wonder at how both intelligent and foolish or contemptible are even allowed to be in the same definition.

It's no wonder however that I subscribe to the second. The main problem is, I am not single-minded in ANY of my the particular disciplines I involve myself in and I am not even close the being expert.

I spend my spare time  I read. I am a regular contributor over at Best Fantasy Books forum and I write for their blog too, I also read, a lot. This is the closest I come to 'expert'. 

This blog is going to be a way for me to make my bother proud I am going to become a SUPER NERD! I will need your help though, I get distracted and I lack the ability to be single minded in my pursuit for expert status. So comment and keep me on track, I'll thank you for it!

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