Tuesday, 16 April 2013

An UPDATE on my status

 I have finished two books and I have started another, so at least in this respect I am progressing. I have been really lazy with reviews lately but the book we read for the book club I feel deserves an in depth review (It will probably just be a link to BFB's website, I'm too lazy to write two reviews). The other book I read was the last instalment of Robin Hobb's Rain Wild Chronicles, I really liked this book and I am keen to write a review for it. The book I am currently reading is a Dresdenesque quality which I am enjoying immensely. It's called River's of London by Ben Aaronovitch. This month has been a great month of books for me, hope the rest of it is too.

Oh and I am also one year older and have gained some rather cool turtle slippers to add to my collection of things. So go me! :) Feel free to email or comment if you want to send me a gift :P

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