Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Blood of Dragons - Robin Hobb

From Amazon: Blood of Dragons completes the story of the dragons, their keepers, and their quest to find the lost city of Kelsingra—and the mythical silver wells that the dragons need to survive.

Blood of Dragons was the last book in the Rain Wild Chronicles. I was eager to get my hands on it when it came out, and I wasn't disappointed with the ending of the series when I had finished reading. Robin Hobb's ability to masterfully create characters is what makes her such a well loved author. She has an ability to imbue animals with a will and mind of their own to make them characters in their own right (Nightetyes comes to mind). The Dragons in this series are no different, they are alive in every sense of the word and are main characters in the story, especially as it comes to a close.

As a stand alone book, it was decent, not great. From start to finish it felt like Hobb was just picking up the strands of plot and tying them together. This isn't so bad when you want the series to end with a neatly tied bow, but if you are expecting action and more calamities to happen before the end, Blood of Dragons will disappointed you.

I can't go into too much detail without spoiling it all for those of you who want to read it, but have not, or those of you who haven't even started on the Rain Wild Chronicles. I can tell you Hobb's stunning characterisation is present. I can also tell you that not much time passes and most of it is spent in misery (typical Hobb there). There are more point of views then just the dragons and their keepers and not all of them are pleasant or interesting to read. I did find myself wishing a few of the point of views would hurry up and get back to the character I liked the most, or a plot point would hurry up and appear.

I enjoyed the book as I was one of the readers that wanted everything tied up in a neat little bow. I got the endings I was hoping for, which I find a most favourable way for authors to end a book :P

As a ending to a series it gets 3.5 out of 5 arrogant talking dragons

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