Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Folly - Ben Aaronovitch

This series is awesome, it's my new favourite by far and I've been reading a lot lately. If you pay any attention to me in real life, or on the forum or on this blog, you'll know I love it. I think you should buy the first one right away! Here I'll even link it for you Rivers of London and then buy the second one Moon Over Soho and then the third Whispers Under Ground (Rivers of London 3), but if you don't live in London or think you will appreciate the depth and detail it is given in the book, maybe read a few things in between.

Let me break it down for you ...


o   London feels like it is alive.
o   Traffic reports and bus/train timetables
o   Streets names galore
o   History the suburbs Grant goes to and how they developed

Main Character

o   Curious scientific mind, always doing experiments and wondering about things
o   Goes off on tangents and gets distracted easily
o   He is reflective – thinks about how his actions will affect people.
o   Understanding of others situation and is accommodating– Lesley, Abigal, Zachary
o   Supporting cast of characters with their own back stories hinted at (sign of good writing)


o   Police procedural jargon is often amusing
o   The thought process is just as important as the action
o   The magic learning runs back ground to the magic in the world around that he encounters.

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